AmazonBasics 8-Piece Non-Stick Kitchen Cookware Set Review

If you’re going to start your new kitchen or are shopping on a tight budget, consider this AmazonBasics Nonstick Cookware Set. You’ll get all the essential items that you need to prepare your daily meals. Moreover, this set is sturdy, lightweight and easily manageable. So, if you’re a beginner as a cook this non-stick cookware set would be a great option for you. In this AmazonBasics non-stick cookware set review, you will get idea about all features, performance, and other important things of this set. So that you can make the right decision, you want to buy this amazon cookware set for your kitchen or not.AmazonBasics Nonstick Cookware Set

Top Features of AmazonBasics Nonstick Cookware Set

The AmazonBasics pots and pans come with so many amazing features. Now I’m going to discuss some most important features of this nonstick cookware set. Let’s read on to get more.

Non-Stick Coating

All the pans and pots of this set made of hard-anodized aluminum with a really awesome non-stick coating surface. The non-stick coating of the pots and pans allow you to cook your foods without using extra oil or butter. It also prevents foods from getting stuck on the pan and helps to release foods effortlessly which makes the cleanup easier.

Even-Heat Distribution

The pans and pots of this collection have an aluminum body and spiral bottoms for even heat distribution. The set is completely safe to use on gas, glass, and electric stovetops. However, Amazon pots and pans are not compatible to use in the oven nor induction compatible. And it is recommended to use your pieces at low to medium heat temperature.

Suitable for Daily Cooking

The superior non-stick properties and even heat distribution ability make it easier to prepare your daily meals with this set. You can cook almost everything like fries, steak, roast, fried price, stew on the set. However, it’s important to clean your cookware after each use in order to increase the lifetime of your products.

Soft-Touch Handles

All the items of this set come with comfortable soft-touch handles that stay cool while cooking. These riveted handles are also comfortable to hold and lift with or without foods. The vented glass lids are well fitted and allow steam to escape as you cook.

Easy to Maintain

This Amazon cookware set doesn’t require any extra care or attention. You can clean your cookware set manually using soap and soft scrubber. The smooth non-stick cooking surface makes it easier to clean the pots and pans without much effort. However, it is not recommended to clean the cookware with harsh dishwasher or metal scrubber.

Great Choice for Starter

Amazon Cookware SetThe metal of this set is enough thick for warming, the handles are secured firmly, protect from heat and are very much well-designed. The black finishing out and inner side makes it elegant to look and will increase the beauty of your kitchen. Moreover, the set is available at a very low price and would be a sufficient starter set for anyone.


  • This 8-pieces non-stick set includes all the essentials.
  • Each piece of the set has a solid aluminum body.
  • It requires low maintenance and care.
  • The non-stick coating makes the cleaning process easy and simple.
  • Low price.


  • Not compatible to use with metal utensils as well as a metal scrubber.
  • Larger pans of the set do not come with lids.


Is the Set Dishwasher Safe?

No. These items are not dishwasher safe, it is recommended to wash them by hand only.

Is It Safe to Use with an Induction Stovetop?

No. This non-stick cookware set is not compatible to use with an induction stovetop.

Is the Non-stick Coating Safe for Health?

Yes. The non-stick coating of this cookware set is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA. Moreover, this set allows preparing meals without using excess fat which makes it a great healthy option.

Final Words

To sum up, this AmazonBasics Nonstick Cookware Set has a great price value for the consumers. Its superior non-stick properties will make your cooking and cleaning easier. This beautiful black finished cookware set will make your kitchen elegant to look. Moreover, if you can take proper care of your cookware set you can use it for a last. So, if you want to achieve efficiency in your daily cooking, this 8-piece non-tick cookware set is definitely a product you can try out.

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